6 Tips for Traveling with a Newborn

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

During a pregnancy, so many preparations need to be made when it comes to the upcoming arrival of the newborn such as setting up the nursery, getting the right clothing, sleepers, and blankets. Not to mention, items such as diapers, bottles whether the mom is nursing or formula feeding need to be purchased as well as formula - even for nursing moms, and newborn toiletries as well. Additionally, a car seat needs to be purchased and properly installed.

And, at the same time, new parents will also need to know how they travel with their newborn safely and as easily as possible. Not to mention, this is a major concern that many of them have understandably so. This is why we are taking this opportunity to talk about the 6 tips to utilize when parents are traveling with a newborn by car or by plane:

1. Security is the most important thing before going anywhere - Whether parents are traveling with their newborns by car just to take a drive over to the local grocery store or are going on a road trip, the first thing that must be done is to make sure that the car seat is properly installed. In fact, hospitals will not allow parents to go home with their newborns if the car seat is not installed properly, and they offer installation services as well that many parents should utilize. The car seat must always be facing the rear. Additionally, the car seats must not only be properly threaded but the harness must always be adjusted so the baby is comfortable and safe.

2. Invest in Peel-in-Stick shades - During the warmer part of the spring, the summer months, and the early part of autumn, it is important that parents get the shade screens for the car side windows that are removable. They will help shield the sun and the UV rays from the baby's eyes while traveling in the car.

3. If going on public transit be sure to bring the car seat - Whether you are taking the taxi, bus, or train, you must always bring a car seat for your newborn so the baby is kept safe. It cannot be installed on public transit but you can keep the car seat as secure as possible by placing it on the seat beside you while you hold it securely.

4. Bring an FAA-approved car seat for air travel - If you have to fly somewhere with your newborn, always be sure to bring an FAA-approved car seat along. You will want to bring some extra nipples as well whether you are nursing or not if your baby's ears seem to be uncomfortable during takeoff or landing. Hopefully, your baby will sleep during the flight, and you will want to also ask your airline questions about traveling with a newborn if they have any of their own rules.

5. Adjust your baby's sleep schedule if you are crossing time zones - Traveling with a newborn to parts of the world, or even in the same country if the time zones are being crossed. You are going to be dealing with possible jetlag yourself, and you will want to make sure that you adjust your baby's sleep time days before going away so the adjustment is easier for the baby in the new time zone.

6. Plan ahead for any kind of trip or drive you are taking - Regardless of whether you are taking your newborn on a long trip or just on a day outing, be sure to always make a list of the items that are needed to be brought along and pack the diaper bag ahead of time. You will need enough clothing, sleepers, diapers, formula and the bottles, as well as the pump if nursing if you are taking a long trip - even if it is just for a day. Bring first-aid supplies as well as sunscreen that is at least SPF 15. Babies over 6 months can use it, but it can be rubbed gently in certain areas on babies under the age of 6 months. Always use your best judgment. The bottom line is to plan these trips ahead of time regardless of what kind of trip and its duration.

We have also created a diaper bag checklist for you so you will never forget anything when you’re out with your baby. Click here to download your FREE Diaper Bag Checklist.

If you have been concerned about traveling with a newborn regardless of whether it is taking your baby on a short car ride to the mall or on a long trip by plane, these 6 tips given will help make the travel experience with your newborn easier. Good luck and enjoy your trip!

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